Joe Lycett

Comedian and Presenter Joe Lycett will turn 33 on July 5

Joe was born in Birmingham, where he still lives. He’s a successful stand-up and comedy panel guest, and presenter of the Great British Sewing Bee and Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back. He’s also an activist, exposing injustices via comedy and supporting global issues like recycling.


First card out for Joe is the Justice card, which reflects this drive for fairness, and doing the right thing. As well as a more prominent voice in public issues, Joe is entering a positive phase of personal life, with a strong strand of second chances. Someone he has already met — maybe with a political position — can come back into his life with a changed status. And there’s new career success in a show linked to antiques.


Card Two is Temptation, a two-sided symbol of sudden powerful attraction, but also the ability to resist, and exercise self-control. This is a key card of staying cool under pressure, as Joe answers questions on a specialist subject, in an entertainment or a legal context.

Ace of Fire

Joe’s third card is the Ace of Fire, lighting a flame of inspiration and originality. Joe is in line for many firsts, from being first contestant on a worldwide quiz show, to a passenger - maybe a pilot - on a maiden space voyage.