Jodie Comer

Actress Jodie Comer will turn 28 on March 11

Jodie was born in Liverpool. She shot to fame playing the lead role Villanelle in Killing Eve, but has appeared on many other TV shows, including Casualty, The White Princess and Doctor Foster. Jodie has two new films coming out this year, and is in a relationship with American lacrosse player James Burke.


The first card I draw has a symbol of a beautiful woman effortlessly controlling a fierce lion - yes this is the Strength card. It predicts a time of Jodie taking control of her own future, and career, and making some choices that may surprise other people. But inside she knows she can trust her own judgement. Time-wasters and fake friends can go - and a script with a funfair, or a safari, as a setting can lead towards a glittering prize.

Ten of Earth

Second card for Jodie is the Ten of Earth. This is a card of solid foundations and family celebrations. Someone who shares her initial can be at the heart of this process - sharing a bond of such deep connection it can never be broken.

Ace of Fire

Finally, I draw the Ace of Fire, showing several future prize lists with Jodie at Number One, and lots of fiery firsts in her life, including a sizzling meeting with a world-famous “Q” celebrity.