Jo Whiley

Presenter and DJ Jo Whiley will turn 58 on July 4

After many years on BBC Radio 1, Jo now has a popular daytime show on Radio 2, and is a regular TV presenter of musical events, including last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival. Jo lives in Northamptonshire, is married to music exec Steve Morton, and has four kids.


First card out for Jo is The Moon, indicating a time of deep emotional preparation, before stepping into a bright light. Yes, this can be role a million miles from anything Jo’s had before, and can include a news role, or a mega-popular musical talent show. It’s time for Jo to get a creative concept green-lit and she’s just met the perfect person to guide her, at an outdoor event.

Water Prince

Tarot Card Two is the Water Prince, highlighting a rewarding role for Jo as a go-between, promoting or representing other people’s creative work. And a logo of a horse, or music linked to horses, can be significant in this success.

Self Sacrifice

Lastly, I draw Self-Sacrifice, powerful symbol of a leap into the unknown - towards a white building high up in the clouds, surrounded by blue sky. Jo, who is an ambassador for Mencap, can find a message she’s given up on getting through to “H” can finally be heard, with immediate results.