Jennifer Lopez

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez will turn 51 on July 24

J-Lo is one of the most famous and wealthiest singers in the world, and she’s also appeared in many movies. She’s next up in Marry Me, a romantic comedy, starring opposite Owen Wilson. Jennifer has 12-year-old twins Emme and Max, and is engaged to former basketball star Alex Rodriguez.


First card on the table for J-Lo is Judgement, a symbol of self-reflection and vital decision-making. She may decide to give up one part of her life entirely to focus on another - or, after a time of dithering, settle on one very important date, and stick to it. A dress linked to question marks and a role helping someone in ill health (perhaps in secret) are also indicated. Any new judging role she takes on will be a huge success.

Seven of Fire

Next card is the Seven of Fire. Signifying caring, daring and honest words spoken over a camp fire or by candlelight. A home in the mountains and a duet with someone who really reminds her of herself, are also strong possibilities.

Air King

Card Three - the Air King. This card shows maturity and honesty right through life, and the chance to clear the air with someone close. Legal input to solve a work problem is the right approach, but J-lo may resist.