Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood Star Jennifer Lawrence Will turn 30 on August 15

Jennifer found fame in The Hunger Games series of films and has recently taken a break from movies to focus on activism - and to marry NYC art dealer Cooke Maroney last year. She’ll be back on screen in comedy Don’t Look Up, coming soon.


Jennifer’s first card is Changing, which reflects on the recent major changes in her world. This is a card of accepting the ups and downs of life, and going with the rhythm instead of fighting it. It shows inner peace, no matter how much upheaval happens on the outside. Jennifer may invest 100% of herself, in both personal and financial terms, in a “C” project - and be repaid in a totally unexpected way. Trying her hand at a director’s role, and living and eating in a stripped-back, simple way, maybe in a remote location, are key future factors. This is also a powerful card of fertility.


Card Two is the Magician. Jennifer has unique artistic skills waiting to be shared with the world - and she will do this first in secret, even from those closest to her. Number 1 and a film with a famous catch-phrase are significant for her too.

Three of Water

Finally, I draw the Three of Water - card of happy endings, sea journeys and children and families from a faraway location.