Jennifer Aniston

Actress and producer Jennifer Aniston will turn 54 on February 11

Best known for the long running TV comedy series Friends, Jennifer has also been the star of numerous movie projects, and is an established producer. She’s been married twice, to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, and is currently single.

Ace of Fire

First card for Jennifer is the Ace of Fire - packing a powerful punch of energy and self motivation. A special occasion that takes place in a crimson room, or features a red dress or some red flowers, on a date that includes a “1”, can blast her future in a new direction. And a smart TV game Jennifer invents with one or more close friends can hit the big time almost overnight.

Earth Queen

Her second card is the Earth Queen, balancing strong management ability with a warm, caring heart. Jennifer has been honest about her struggles to have a baby - and she can connect so naturally with children and families, and even turn her home into some sort of refuge. But she should beware of giving too much of herself.


Card Three is the Hermit, celebrating solitude and the strength that can come from exploring it deeply. An older, mysterious actress, who lives quite a reclusive life, can provide Jennifer with unique life lessons.