Jenna Coleman

Brilliant actress Jenna Coleman will turn 34 on April 27

She played the young Queen Victoria to regal perfection in three series of Victoria, and found love with her co-star, Tom Hughes. We’ll next see Jenna in TV mini-series The Serpent, and she’s also recently taken part in The Remote Read.

Ace of Fire

The first card out of the pack is The Ace of Fire -  packing a powerful surge of energy and self motivation. A special event that takes place in a crimson room, or features a red dress or some red flowers, on a date that includes a “1”, takes her future in a new direction. And a fun fitness game Jenna invents with a close family member can lead fast to charity profits.

Earth Queen

Card two is the Earth Queen, mixing a strong business brain with a warm, caring heart. Jenna can connect so naturally with people who need her help, but should beware of giving too much of herself. Turning her home, or just her kitchen, into a stage reaches a whole new audience worldwide.


Last on the tarot table is The Hermit card, recommending a time of relaxing and letting the mind find creative ways into unexplored territory. An older, mysterious actress, who lives a reclusive life, can provide Jenna with priceless lessons in life and love.