Rapper Producer Jay-Z will turn 54 on December 4

Born Shawn Corey Carter in Brooklyn, New York, Jay-Z has had a stellar career in music making and production and this year was named The Greatest Rapper Of All Time. His business empire made him the first hip-hop billionaire and he’s also part of one of the world’s premier power couples, with Beyonce. The couple have three children.


First card for Jay-Z, The Lovers, reflects this intense, passionate bond and signals a special new closeness and commitment can lie ahead, with clues hidden in a shared song. He can find unexpected fame and success as a match-maker for celebrities, even royalty - and there can be a surprise business collaboration with a famous political couple.

Ten of Air

Second card is the Ten of Fire, which comes with a note of caution - to choose battles carefully, and be ready to let even long-standing disagreements go to create space for new understanding. Firework displays, names in multi-coloured lights and the number “10” can highlight lucky dates or meetings.


Lastly, I draw The Empress card for Jay-Z, the most powerful tarot symbol of the parent-child bond, and of taking time to reconnect with nature, walk and talk in the open air. This card could also indicate he and Beyonce expanding their family in a direction that takes them, and the world, by surprise.