Jay Z

Rapper, producer, business man JAY-Z will turn 50 on December 4

Proclaimed the world’s first hiphop billionaire and the wealthiest American musician. Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé recently shared a world tour and joint album Everything Is Love, He is an awesome blend of creative talent and the formidable skills of a big business tycoon. These gifts are confirmed by the first card on my tarot table.

Wheel of Fortune

Yes, it’s The Wheel Of Fortune, and it can spin in two directions. The first delivers luck, and the second sets up challenges and the way he deals with both of them is the key to emotional contentment.
All kinds of circles are significant to Jay-Z right now, including rings - perhaps a different way of wearing them, or combining them. And finding a ring that played a significant part in his family past means so much.

Six of Earth

The second card is the Six of Earth, symbol of giving, often anonymously - and without expecting anything in return. A large glass building with beautiful trees outside, and music inside, could be be given his name.

Fire King

The final card is The Fire King. it shows his skill in talent spotting is remarkable — and he even helps those who could become his rivals. But it’s a collaboration with an opera star that’s a real thrill.