Jamie Oliver

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver will turn 49 on May 27

Just 22 and a trainee chef when he first appeared on TV as The Naked Chef, Jamie (now an OBE) has become a global phenomenon, making many hit cookery shows and selling millions of books, plus tackling school dinners and running restaurant chains. He married high school sweetheart Jools Norton in 2000 and they live in an Essex mansion with their five kids.


Jamie’s first card is The Empress, symbol of nourishment and care. There can be strong links between food and healing here that Jamie is ready to explore - an older woman plays a part. This is also a card of finding balance, and trying not to be all things to all people. It also carries a powerful fertility message, even for families that seem complete!

Wheel of Fortune

Next out is the Wheel of Fortune, a reminder that the circle of life has natural ups and downs. Jamie’s natural resilience grows even stronger with this card. A town close to a circular lake, and a long road or rail journey north, can also be indicated.

Four of Earth

Lastly I draw the Four of Earth, suggesting a move away from surroundings that may have never felt like a true home. Letting out negative feelings can take away any tension that may be undermining recent decisions.