Jamie Laing

Reality TV star Jamie Laing will turn 32 on November 3

He’s tripping the light fantastic on the current series of Strictly Come Dancing - and Jamie has been part of reality show Made In Chelsea since 2012. He’s been in a relationship with Sophie Habboo for over a year.


First card for Jamie is The Magician, symbol of setting free true skills and ambitions, instead of maintaining an illusion, however much fun or excitement this creates. Jamie is ready for change, and also for commitment, and a total break from his usual environment is a crucial factor. Jamie could invent a new game show, with love as the theme - or fill in for a person or quiz with a well known catch phrase. Number 1 on doors, flight numbers and dates leads Jamie towards his destiny.


Next card is Justice, a card of fairness and balance, with strong links to the world of law. This draws Jamie towards a courtroom drama, either on screen or in real life, and he can also cash in on a flair for plotting legal-based page-turning stories.

Three of Water

Last card on my tarot table is the Three of Water - often known as “The Wedding Card”! Jamie’s business interests can expand towards quirky celebration cakes, with at least one Royal customer.