Jamie Dornan

Actor Jamie Dornan will turn 41 on May 1

James Peter Maxwell Dornan was born in Northern Ireland and began his career as a model before moving into films and TV, with roles as varied as a serial killer in The Fall and Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise. Jamie is married to actress/musician Amelia Warner and they have three daughters.


Jamie’s first card is The Hermit, a card of stepping away from the demands of life for a while and taking stock of what truly matters. An isolated address at a high altitude can play a part, as Jamie sets free feelings he has kept pent up for years. This card symbolises breaking through a protective shell to achieve personal wisdom.

Six of Fire

Card Two is the Six of Fire, a symbol of absolute trust in a person or project. A previous work bond can move from friendship to a life-changing collaboration. And Jamie can be part of a unique show based on his experience of losing his mum as a teenager.


Lastly I draw The Emperor, a card of taking charge and being a stand-out leader. This can link Jamie to an iconic “B” role that he has to overcome global competition to win. But then really makes 100% his own. Jamie could also step up in a political sense to help bring a time of stalemate to a close.