James Norton

Actor James Norton will turn 37 on July 18

Heartthrob actor James starred in Grantchester and Happy Valley on TV, and we’ll see him next in the film Freegard, released this week - a thriller based on the story of conman Robert Hendy-Freegard. James is in a relationship with actress Imogen Poots and the couple just got engaged.


Reflecting this, James’ first card, The World, is a symbol of crossing a threshold into new territory, in life and love. Collaboration, maybe with a musical element, an “A” country and three words in a foreign language, can all play a part. And James can be on the move, even more than usual, but always feeling completely comfortable and at ease.

Six of Fire

Card Two is the Six of Fire, a strong card of celebration, that can be linked to a big prize win. From Oscars to the ultimate gift of a happy family life,  golden possibilities lie ahead.

Earth King

Finally, I draw the Earth King for James — representing patience and strength. One key career dream, perhaps linked to writing for, or directing, someone so close may take longer to come true than James expects. But he can, and will, stick with it. A legacy of property, or land, can come to James from an older man - and leave him facing a big choice.