James Corden

Actor and presenter James Corden will turn 45 on August 22

He found fame in Gavin and Stacey on TV and has had many stage and screen starring roles. After over eight years presenting The Late, Late Show in America, with its famous Carpool Karaoke slot, James has returned to the UK with his wife Julia Carey and their three kids.


First card for James is the Chariot, an indicator of movement, big life change and decisive action. If James has any key choice he has still delayed, for whatever reason, it’s time to take action now - this card suggests a long journey, and a very different pace and style of life. Number 7 is lucky, and James also has inner power to make difficult first moves, perhaps to end a professional or personal time of disagreement.

Fire Prince

Card Two is the Fire Prince, also reflecting a time of action, with strong links to sport. Teaming up with a famous football player to run a business, or team, can score big success, and initial “D” is a clue.


Last card for James is Temperance, the card of keeping calm and carrying on. Spending more time on, or in, water helps focus thoughts, and bring balance back. Music linked to “blue” and a lakeside location can map out a future a million miles from what James expects.