Holly Willoughby

TV presenter Holly Willoughby will turn 40 on February 10

Holly is a firm TV favourite, appearing four days a week in This Morning on ITV, and has also presented a host of other shows including the 2018 series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. She’s married to producer Dan Baldwin, has three children and lives in London.

High Priestess

Holly’s known for her empathy, and her first card reflects this. It’s the High Priestess, a symbol of intense intuition and almost psychic abilities. Holly can read the minds and hearts of people she doesn’t know - and has maybe just seen on a screen - and offer advice and support. This card also carries the potential to reach back through time to past lives and civilisations. When Holly shares what she sees, a bestseller could be the result.

Ace of Water

Second card for Holly is the Ace of Water, a card of simple, overflowing bliss, and a realisation that a new path is the right path. A move to a home or workplace linked to number 1 and near some famous water can be a great decision. This is also a card of joyous new birth.

Fire Queen

Lastly, I draw the Fire Queen, which mixes a shrewd business brain with global vision and the ability to embrace risk and turn it into results. Writing or producing a movie about a female Royal can be at the heart of this.