Harry Styles

Singer Songwriter Actor Harry Styles will turn 27 on February 1

Former One Direction star Harry has made a success of his solo career - his latest hit song is Watermelon Sugar. Harry’s also an actor and we’ll see him soon in psychological horror film Don’t Worry Darling directed by Olivia Wilde, who Harry is dating. His motto is Treat People With Kindness.

High Priest

First tarot card for Harry is The High Priest, a mature symbol of wisdom and advice, and choosing a path that’s rich in experience and knowledge rather than money. Harry may feel drawn towards training to support people in distress, and setting up a new global organisation, perhaps in secret, can be part of this. Someone at least ten years older can be his mentor and restore Harry’s faith in loyalty and trust. A logo that includes a key is significant.

Fire Prince

Card two is the Fire Prince, linking Harry to a comedy celebrity, who always makes him laugh and brings out his fun side. Together they could write or produce a show that breaks all TV records.


Finally I draw the Sun for Harry - card of daring ideas, golden prizes and a warm future. This can take Harry, who is known for his flamboyant style, towards an “S” fashion collaboration that brightens the whole world.