Harry Kane

Striker and England Football Captain Harry Kane will turn 28 on July 28

Harry led the England team to the Euros final at Wembley this year, and won golden boot as the top scorer in 2018’s World Cup. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur, and is married to childhood sweetheart Katie - they have two daughters and a son.


Harry’s first card is a strong symbol of leadership — the Emperor. This is a fatherhood card, and supports Harry’s brand of strength in quiet loyalty, determination and setting a good example. But all this can change when Harry makes a major move - to a new team, new country, even a new sport, and sets free a more flamboyant, unpredictable self. Number “4” and a location linked to his father’s family are strong clues.


Harry’s second card also indicates sudden change - The Tower harnesses Mars energy, linked to an orange and black logo and a new business partnership. A ground-breaking type of mind training tests Harry’s patience, but enables him to lead on a totally new level.

Three of Air

Lastly, I draw The 3 of Air, a healing card of defusing jealousy in personal or professional life. Harry can get three chances to make a unique journey that really makes a difference. Answering, or talking, against the clock can be lucky.