Harrison Ford

Actor Harrison Ford will turn 81 on July 13

A true Hollywood icon, Harrison is currently appearing for the fifth time as action hero Indiana Jones in Dial of Destiny, and he’s set to star as Thaddeus Ross in an upcoming Marvel Universe movie - so showing no signs of retiring! Harrison, a famously private person, has been married three times (currently to Calista Flockhart) and is dad to five.

High Priestess

First card for Harrison is the High Priestess, a strongly spiritual card that shows an acceptance of both the darkness and the light in life, and a willingness to explore both. This can lead to Harrison playing totally against type in a blockbuster movie, written by a notorious woman, known for her raunchy, revealing words and actions.

Five of Fire

Next card out is a classic symbol of competition, the Five of Fire. Far from slowing down, Harrison is set to break records in unexpected ways. An old rival returns in a shock move, and Harrison may question everything he believes about himself. This card also inspires a battle for greater equality and diversity, as part of a celebrity group of five.


Lastly, I draw The Star, symbol of optimism and opportunities, indicating number 17, neon-lit initials and a much-filmed road that includes many under-passes, can be positive factors.