Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress and author Gwyneth Paltrow will turn 50 on September 27

With a string of Hollywood roles behind her, Gwyneth is best known these days for her lifestyle company Goop, and she has also written several cook books. Gwyneth is married to Brad Falchuk since 2018 and has two teenage kids from her previous marriage to Chris Martin of Coldplay.


Gwyneth’s first card shows a fierce lion being controlled by a beautiful woman - this is the Strength card. It advocates love and patience as the best tactics to adopt when facing a daunting challenge. This card shows so clearly how much inner strength Gwyneth has. That can take her all the way to a high profile podium, via a political decision.

Three of Earth

Second card out is the Three of Earth. This is a symbol of success, and celebrations, linked to the number three, perhaps a film trilogy or a three-volume autobiography. An old friend, or former passion partner, can be a key component of this.

Ace of Air

Final card for Gwyneth is the Ace of Air, showing a lightning flash of imagination that can end up solving a global shortage. But this card also suggests sudden sparks can fly when a child reveals strong career or travel plans that clash with Gwyneth’s mindset. Handle with care!