Gillian Anderson

Actress Gillian Anderson will turn 53 on August 9

She’s a talented actress who can switch effortlessly between American and British accents, having spent large parts of her life in each country. Gillian’s big break was as Agent Scully in the X-files, but she’s starred in many other shows, including Sex Education and playing Margaret Thatcher in The Crown. Gillian lives with her three children in London and was awarded the OBE in 2016.


Her first card is The Hermit. A symbol of escaping from the pressures of life, this can show Gillian spending time alone in a remote location, perhaps writing her memoirs. She can be inspired by the clear voice and vision of someone who has played a key role in her working life. And creating a one-woman show, on stage or screen, can be the career performance she is proudest of.


Card Two is The World, bringing wisdom, maturity and a rounded view of life and love. If a relationship of any kind has been challenging for Gillian to reach closure, then a line can be drawn. And new passion can start when she sits next to someone younger on a plane or train.

Four of Fire

Lastly, I draw the 4 of Fire - the fourth time Gillian sees a unique piece of art up for sale, she buys it and discovers it is a priceless investment.