Gemma Chan

Actress Gemma Chan will turn 40 on November 29

Gemma gained a law degree at Oxford University then turned to acting. After a series of TV roles including Humans, she progressed to films, and recently has starred in Don’t Worry Darling, and the Marvel Universe blockbuster, Eternals. She’s in a relationship with actor Dominic Cooper and lives in London.


First card out for Gemma is Justice, a decisive symbol of balance, equality and a sense of fair play. This is also a card of simplifying life, letting difficult people and situations go instead of struggling to make them work. Gemma could step back into the world of law and justice to research, write and star in a ground breaking TV project, based on a real life law case. And find fiction being reflected in fact in her own private life.

Ace of Air

Next out is Ace of Air, suggesting a sudden flash of brilliance and Gemma’s super-sharp mental powers to see and seize chances. Number 10, yellow logos  and a famous pilot can all be factors in future success.


Card Three is The Emperor, a strong symbol of royalty and responsibility. A family role Gemma may have rejected several times before now seems like a perfect fit, and she is ready to make a challenging choice.