Gary Barlow

Brilliant musician and producer Gary Barlow Will turn 49 on January 20

It’s the 30th anniversary of Take That, the boy band that made Gary Barlow fameous. He’s sold over 50 million records in a career of writing, performing, producing, even acting - his latest role is musical director for cruise line P&O. It’s plain Gary loves to push himself, so where does the Tarot see him going next?


First card is The Emperor, symbol of power, royalty and responsibility - a challenge card. A hot new direction takes Gary towards a large-framed man, a colourful character in a global position of power. It won’t be easy to work together, but as a duo they really could change, and rule, the world. This card also indicates tough competitive sport, and taking up a new activity in 2020 can rocket Gary to high status prizes.

Three of Earth

His second card is the Three of Earth, a luck locator in groups of three - homes, dates, numbers and family or friendship names. A beauty business with a three-part title can be central to his financial future.


Last up on the table is The Moon, card of deep and special emotions. Giving or receiving a unique silver item, marks a turning point and a book he writes is a sensation.