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Frankie Bridge


Singer and TV presenter Frankie Bridge turns 29 on January 14

Taking a break from The Saturdays, Frankie has won a new legion of fans via the super-energetic TV game show Canon Ball that she co-hosts with Freddie Flintoff. And her TV career will expand to take in more serious topics, too. All this is reflected in the first card out of the pack for her. It’s called The World and shows all the horizons of her life are widening. Exciting times and new challenges are matched with a grounded approach to life.

The second card is the Air Pincesss, it tells of her gift for understanding how other people think, feel and show their love. This makes her a brilliant friend and partner.

The third card is the 10 of Earth, it shows a reunion with The Saturdays followed in the more distant future by 
putting together and becoming the manager of a highly successful band of her own.