Florence Welch

Singer and musician Florence Welch will turn 34 on August 28

Florence, who has dual US and UK citizenship, is the driving force behind Florence and the Machine, who’ve had a string of successful albums since their debut, Lungs, in 2009. Florence loves reading and has her own online book club, Between Two Books.

High Priest

First card on my tarot table for Florence is The High Priest. This is in reverse position, to reflect Florence’s highly original skills and the unique ways she shares these with the world. But it’s also a strong learning card. And a symbol of travelling back to a location that’s significant in her family history - where people have a distinct accent. Studying here unlocks something deep inside Florence and also introduces a new musical, and perhaps life, partner.


Card Two for Florence is The Sun, a symbol of pure, simple success - but in terms other than cash. Writing out a story that’s been inside her for a long time is her key to letting light back into her life, and can be a bestseller.

Ten of Water

Lastly, I draw the Ten of Water. Going quietly, maybe anonymously, into a practical team brings healing skills to the surface. And a place in a Top Ten of something other than music. Rainbow colours and shapes signify luck.