Fearne Cotton

TV and Radio Presenter Fearne Cotton will turn 40 on September 3

She celebrates the Sounds Of The 90s weekly on BBC Radio 2, and Fearne has worked on a multitude of radio and TV shows. She’s married to Jesse Wood, son of the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie, and they have two children.


First card on my table for Fearne is Judgement, a strong indicator of rebirth and renewal - after a review of past achievements, and mistakes. Yes, for Fearne this can mean a crossroads moment, and any role linked to the law, including as a part-time magistrate, can be a factor in her future choices. She also has ability to help people move forward, without blame or shame. This can lead to an interview or film with a famously controversial world leader.

Air Queen

Card Two is the Air Queen, linking Fearne to a high-profile female TV presenter and a media concept based on psychic abilities. Yes, Fearne can unlock ability to read minds and decode emotions. Designing precious personal items, perhaps jewellery-based, can be part of this. And a Royal link, across many air miles, can follow.


Lastly, I draw The Sun, showing warm luck, laughter and the end of a separation for a couple or family. Standing still, and simply taking stock of life, is a valuable skill.