Ewan McGregor

Actor Ewan McGregor will turn 50 on March 31

Scottish-born Ewan has starred in many movie, theatre and TV roles, including Star Wars. His latest character is a talking cricket in a new animated version of Pinocchio, coming soon. He’s also made several TV documentaries of his motorbike journeys. Ewan is divorced and has four daughters.

Water King

His first card is the Water King, symbolising growing maturity and personal peace. A talent for constructing new homes, or creating them out of unusual existing buildings, can be part of Ewan’s future - and this may be a film or TV set he designs from scratch. For a project he really believes in, that reflects his personal history.

Six of Earth

Second card is Six of Earth, bringing special messages, or signatures, in large handwriting with distinctive loops - this can include a Royal promise, question or invitation.


Lastly, I draw the Lovers. On one level this is a card of emotional balance and bliss after stormy times - a positive sign for Ewan and current girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It also suggests great success for a male-female working bond, and two people on totally the same professional wavelength. This can link to an older female former co-star, now a producer.