Eve Myles

Actress Eve Myles will turn 45 on July 26

Born in Wales to a Welsh mother and Scottish father, Eve has starred in many TV hits from Torchwood to Keeping Faith, and most recently We Hunt Together and Hijack. She’s married to actor Bradley Freegard, who she’s known since they were both teenagers, and they have three daughters.


Card number one for Eve is The Sun, a radiant symbol of warmth, light, luck and success. Eve has previously lived in LA for work, and this card can reflect a golden future incorporating a lot of travel, back and forth to a sunshine location. A fellow Welsh celebrity, current or historical, can be one part of this exciting story - that she and someone very close may write and produce together.

Wheel of Fortune

Next on my table is the Wheel of Fortune - also showing life moving forward with a positive spin. Circular shapes and wheels can turn up luck for Eve,  and a journey in a unique vehicle can be where she finds her life - personal and professional - has come full circle. Eve should be ready to step in suddenly to some superstar shoes.

Ten of Earth

Lastly, I draw the 10 of Earth. This is a down-to-earth card of family focus, and love that strengthens with laughter - maybe via a comedy charity gig.