Emma Willis

TV and radio presenter Emma Willis will turn 45 on March 18

Originally from Birmingham, Emma was a model before becoming a TV presenter - she currently presents The Voice UK, The Circle, and Delivering Babies and is a veteran host of Celebrity Big Brother. Emma is married to Matt Willis of the band Busted and has three children.


First card on my table for Emma is Temperance, above all a symbol of balance. This card depicts an angel pouring the waters of life equally - so inward and outward energy stay in harmony. Music is a key element of this card and for Emma this can indicate using her voice in some new and very different ways - via a new technology breakthrough. And living or working for a while on water can be part of her future.

Air King

Emma’s second card is the Air King, showing mature wisdom and the ability to get two sides of any argument talking and co-operating again. She can use her strong mediation skills in a judging or mentoring role - but also persuade rock or Hollywood icons to end a feud and work together again.

Three of Fire

Lastly, I draw the Three of Fire, a card of comedy success, linked to a group of three people, or a show title of three words. Arrow shapes and triangular designs are lucky for Emma, too.