Emma Corrin

Actor Emma Corrin will turn 28 on December 13

Emma, who identifies as non-binary, was born in Kent and won a Golden Globe for their portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown. Currently starring on TV in A Murder At The End Of The World, Emma also has upcoming movie roles in Deadpool 3 and Good Grief. Emma is in a relationship with actor Rami Malek and was Vogue’s first non-binary cover star.

Seven of Water

First card on my table for Emma is the Seven of Water, a card of finishing what’s been started and seeing ideas through to completion, no matter what the challenges. A link to the world of video gaming and working closely with a much-loved person, perhaps a generation apart, can all be indicated.


Next card is the Moon, which can be a symbol of a growing determination to speak up on behalf of people who have no voice. For Emma, this can be part of a lasting emotional connection with a past character, and their wider circle of friends and family. “M” countries are significant.

Wheel of Fortune

Lastly, I draw the Wheel of Fortune card, a powerful sign of luck and love rippling outwards, in patterns of circles. Role-reversals, revolving doors, curved buildings and teams and locations linked to number 10, can all be key factors in Emma’s future. A circle of gold glows with personal potential.