Ellie Simmonds

Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds will turn 26 on November 11

Ellie has won five Paralympic gold medals and ten gold World Championships titles, and has been awarded an OBE. She has currently taken a break from training while waiting to hear if 2020’s postponed Tokyo games will take place. Ellie is also an ambassador for The Scout Association.

Water Queen

Ellie’s first tarot card is the Water Queen, a fluid symbol of clarity and peace after a time of upheaval. Ellie’s in her element in water, and sharing this passion in an individual way, perhaps via a reality TV show, can be a healing process for so many people. This is a card of spot-on instincts and cutting through excuses to find truth. A camera operator with bright green eyes is a key player in Ellie’s future.


Card Two is the Empress, card of nourishment, security and a deep connection with nature. A white house surrounded by fields, a bird or animal logo and a product for children - perhaps a picture book - are suggested.


Finally, I draw Changing, card of clean sweeps and clean breaks from the past. This can signal a time of cash and life uncertainty but it is preparation for solid gold times. Number 13 is lucky.