Ellie Goulding

Singer Ellie Goulding will turn 37 on December 30

One of the most successful UK singer songwriters ever, with a string of industry awards, Ellie’s first album was Lights in 2010 and she’s just released her fifth, Higher Than Heaven, earlier this year. She’s married to art dealer Caspar Jopling, with a young son. Ellie is a keen runner and boxer.


Her first card, Strength, shows a beautiful woman subduing a lion, and is a card of facing up to internal fears and doubts, and finding ways to conquer them. Starting her own unique chain of gyms, or women-only fitness initiatives, can take Ellie to a professional, and emotional, breakthrough.

High Priest

Card two is the High Priest, representing knowledge, wisdom and maturity. No matter how many outside opinions are offered, Ellie alone knows the truth of her own heart and what she needs to do next. An older man, with a political or other respected leadership role, can play a key part in her future. She could also seriously consider learning more about natural healing.

Ten of Air

Finally I draw the Ten of Air, symbol of clear focus on reality rather than fantasy in so many areas of life. A simpler, less crowded life, and an about-turn in a decision linked to children, can all be factors.