Ellie Goulding

Multi-award winning sInger Ellie Goulding will turn 33 on December 29

2019 has been a big year for the wonderfully talented singer songwriter, and in August she married the art dealer Caspar Jopling. Ellie is a big fan of sport, especially running and boxing, has spoken openly about her mental health experiences, and is an environmental ambassador for the UN Foundation.


The first card coming out of the pack is Justice and as the identifier card it’s such a strong reflection of her qualities. The Justice card is a symbol of fairness and careful consideration, and indicates a need to simplify life, and love, and focus on what truly matters. This card also represents inventions, and turning ideas into her own music or sports-based charity reveals a hidden side to Ellie.

Ace of Fire

Card Two is the Ace Of Fire, signifying speed and lightning changes that feel right from the start. Ellie’s boxing skills can turn pro, or lead her towards a new entertainment world. But this can also suggest becoming a parent — perhaps to two sets of twins.

Air Queen

The third card is The Air Queen, a card of skilled strategy, especially in planning trips or routes. An unusual and environmentally-conscious method of touring is Ellie’s contribution to saving the planet, and she joins forces with a galaxy of the hottest music stars for a spectacular fund raising show.