Eddie Izzard

Comedian, actor and writer Eddie Izzard will turn 58 on February 7

From performing stand-up shows in Arabic and Chinese, to running 27 marathons in 27 days, the fascinating, irresistible, just awesome Eddie loves to push his boundaries. As well as starring in his latest film, Six Minutes To Midnight, out this year, Eddie has a credit as co-writer.

Seven of Water

The first card on my tarot table is The Seven Of Water, which highlights plenty more challenges and bold adventures for Eddie with a passionate twist linked to a TV dating show. It won’t be a simple bond but could still be a wonderful one.


Card two is The World, an ambitious symbol, that puts Eddie in contact with a whole new language, and learning it changes him forever. And politics could be involved.

Earth Prince

The last card is the Earth Prince - a rich card that shows a series of cash wins. And a round-the world race shared with actors and adventureous friends and including a celebrity pet who loves to travel.