Dua Lipa

Singer songwriter Dua Lipa will turn 27 on August 22

Born in London to Albanian Kosovo parents, Dua Lipa worked as a model before releasing her first album in 2017. Since then she’s won numerous Brits and Grammys, plus many more music industry awards. She’s currently on her Future Nostaliga world tour, and expected to release her third studio album in 2023.

High Priest

First card for Dua is The High Priest. This reflects her highly original skills and the unique ways she shares these with the world. But it’s also a strong symbol of learning, personal beliefs and principles. Going back to a location that’s deeply significant in her family history, and studying there, can unlock something deep inside Dua and also introduce a new creative, and possibly life, partner.

Ten of Water

Card Two is the Ten of Water, which signifies unity and a sense of solidarity with others, perhaps in a healing role. A collaboration with a “J” group or individual can win a place in a Top Ten, not necessarily linked to music. Rainbow colours and shapes carry luck.


Lastly I draw the Sun, a symbol of pure, simple success - on so many levels of life. A song, or performance, that celebrates a unique sunshine event can become a global phenomenon.