Dawn French

Comedian, writer and actress Dawn French will turn 62 on October 11

Always intriguing and wonderfully funny, Dawn is celebrating reuniting with old pal Jennifer Saunders for Hollywood movie Death On The Nile, to be released next year. Audiences continue to want more from the multi-talented, star. But what does the tarot predict?

Six of Water

The first card out the pack is the Six Of Water the symbol of harmony in a group of any size, from a workplace to a family and Dawn can be both inspirational muse and practical advisor to those just setting out on a comedy career. Dawn can also shine via joining a long-established team of characters or writers, perhaps in a TV soap.


Second card for Dawn is Temperance, bringing beautiful balance and ways to approach flaws, mistakes and success with the same loving acceptance. And a book she writes on this subject could be a worldwide bestseller. This card also lines up luck linked to number 14, creative twosomes and a home high up, close to the sea.

Fire Princess

The last card is The Fire Princess, card of youthful energy. Sampling life as a redhead, maybe in secret, could spice up Dawn’s world. And a female sports team is so significant.