Davina McCall

Brilliant TV presenter Davina McCall turns 51 on October 16

From a singer with the band Lazy Bears to fitness videos, via hosting the outrageous fun and games on Big Brother and the emotional Long Lost Family, Davina has the rare gift of being able to create the perfect mood for totally different shows. And she is set for more success, as she co-creates a drama series based on a reality TV show that also shows her ability to see what’s on people’s minds. This is reflected in the first card coming out of the pack.

Ace of Air

The Ace Of Air shows a stream of brilliant ideas and getting involved in writing and producing major shows as well as presenting them.

Ace of Fire

It’s rare when a second ace card directly follows another. But the Ace Of Fire is the next card. It is a sign of passion and links with the sports world and it sees such a romantic relationship with a football star.


The last card looks further into her future when Davina, who is half French, sets up a gorgeous second home there. The Strength card predicts that a show she plans there for a French audience turns into a world-wide success.