Davina McCall

TV presenter and fitness queen Davina McCall will turn 52 on October 16

From being the awesome host of Big Brother, via reuniting lost families, and inspiring fitness DVDs, Davina’s latest challenge is on the judging panel of ITV’s “bonkers” The Masked Singer, due on air in 2020.


And the first card coming out of the pack reflects her special strengths. Yes, it’s The Empress, powerful symbol of generosity - and nurturing other people. This card shows new harmony in a family or other VIP group, and a new face being absorbed and accepted into it more easily than everyone expects. Emotional depths are accessed, and love could be richer and more rewarding than she ever thought it could be.
A self-designed home in a spectacular location is also indicated. Plus an impressive amount of cash raised for a space-linked project.

Air King

Card Two is the Air King, highlighting a career breakthrough linked to directing and co-creating dramas. This card also shows her being both super-busy and taking up a more relaxed lifestyle.

Five of Earth

The third  card is The Five Of Earth, and it sets free a remarkable gift for solving other people’s dilemmas and rebuilding their self-esteem. There are also intriguing links, both personal and professional, with the Scandinavian countries, and finding jewellery that has been missing for centuries.