David Beckham

Football legend David Beckham will turn 47 on May 2

With dozens of business interests and brands, and a celebrity marriage to fashion designer Victoria, David has never been out of the spotlight for long since quitting the football pitch. His oldest son, Brooklyn, recently got married, and David has signed up to be an ambassador for World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


The Moon is David’s first card, and this indicates dreams are crucial future-finders and decision-makers for him. So David should write his dreams down daily, within minutes of waking up. Yes, he can be headed for a role unlike anything he’s experienced before, this can include a TV soap or a wildly successful cookery show, with other members of his family.

Water Prince

Second card is the Water Prince. This can show a rewarding working relationship with someone at least a generation younger, promoting other people’s creative work. And a logo of a wave, or some music linked to the sea, can influence this success.

Self Sacrifice

Lastly, I draw Self-Sacrifice, powerful symbol of a time of absolute silence and retreat from the world and everything in it. A high location, near to the clouds, encourages deep thought — and a decision to give up aspects of life that have been draining energy.