Dakota Johnson

Actress Dakota Johnson will turn 31 on October 4

Dakota found fame in the Fifty Shades of Grey films, after her famous parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, didn’t let her try her hand at acting until she finished high school. Dakota’s latest film, The High Note, came out during lockdown, and she’s just signed up for TV series Rodeo Queens. She’s dated musician Chris Martin of Coldplay since 2017.

Nine of Earth

First on my table for Dakota is the Nine of Earth, a card of wealth and wisdom coming together in one special new address. This can link to a Hollywood, or maybe musical, legend. For love-bonds, this card shows new richness of passion when two people both decide to show their true selves. And a date with a “9“ in it means so much.

High Priestess

Card Two is the High Priestess, symbol of spirituality and balance. Dakota can tune in to her psychic self and trust herself to make unexpected, but right, choices in projects - including a comedy-writing credit. A time of feeling swamped by advice or expectations is over. Learning an unusual skill, or instrument, is such a positive move.

Ace of Water

Dakota’s final card is the Ace of Water, card of creativity, contentment and new birth - of longed-for businesses as well as babies.