Dakota Johnson

Actress Dakota Johnson will turn 32 on October 4

As the daughter of stars Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, Dakota is part of a Hollywood dynasty, but has made her own mark in movies. She’s probably best known for the Fifty Shades series. She’s been in a relationship with Chris Martin (of Coldplay) since 2017.

Two of Water

First card on my table for Dakota is the Two of Water, a warm symbol of happy coupledom, and two-way emotional fulfilment. This card shows two people working and living in close harmony, and a unique toast for two being made in or near a wildflower meadow. Family bonds that may have been stretched in the past are strong again.


Dakota’s second card is the Moon. This can represent hidden emotions, and a lack of fulfilment, especially in a work or study sense. Sitting next to a compelling woman at an awards ceremony, or other celebration, can start a conversation that unlocks Dakota’s deeper talents. And taking a special photograph together starts the next stage.


Lastly, I draw the nurturing, maternal symbol of the Empress. A strong fertility and family-minded card, this shows Dakota can stop feeling like a stand-in in certain life circumstances and claim her own centre-stage role.