Daisy Lowe

Creative, gorgeous. TV star Daisy Lowe turns 31 on January 27.

Daisy, daughter of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale, is a super-successful model, shines as a TV presenter and is ready for all that’s new in 2020.

Ace of Water

The first card on my tarot table is The Ace of Water, it tells of the birth of brilliant ideas, Also of bringing together different ideas and outlooks into one fruitful project. Writing or performing with her six stepbrothers and sisters opens up a new success pathway - and Daisy’s name on a textiles-linked project could go global. This card also carries a natural gift for creating complex mysteries, that flourishes in film or TV projects.


Card Two is The Sun, bringing warmth and light into every corner of life. In love terms, this card seals a strong, mature bond. A sunshine home with a famous history can be the place Daisy and her partner make life-changing music together.

Earth King

The third card drawn for Daisy is the Earth King - a card of grounded happiness and strong links to the healing. Sampling a health-based food or activity from a faraway part of the world unlocks a rare gift in Daisy. which inspires others.