Claudia Winkleman

TV presenter and writer Claudia Winkleman will turn 49 on January 15

A familiar face from the ever popular Strictly Come Dancing, Claudia is the BBC’s highest paid female star. She’s married to film producer Kris Thykier, lives in London and has three children.


First tarot card for Claudia is the Hermit, a powerful symbol of stepping out of existing routines and demands to seek a new sense of purpose in life. This can have many meanings, including a radically different work direction that involves spending challenging time alone, in unusual locations from underwater to space. A whole new phase of personal learning and development is also often part of this card.


Claudia’s second card is the Moon, showing hidden emotions and creative ability coming to the surface. When Claudia joins forces with someone close to her to write a story that’s been in her heart for at least 18 years, together they can walk a special route to claim a golden prize. And a promise made by moonlight will be kept.

Six of Fire

Lastly, I draw the 6 of Fire, signifying reversals - and rewards for perseverance. A lawyer with an unusual name, a wedding postponed twice and the number 6 in ages and addresses can all open up new luck paths for Claudia.