Christine Lampard

TV presenter Christine Lampard will turn 45 on February 2

A familiar face on television from her stints on Loose Women and as regular stand-in for Lorraine Kelly, Christine was born and brought up in Northern Ireland. She married ex footballer/manager Frank Lampard in 2015 and is step-mum to his two daughters, plus the couple have a young son and daughter of their own.

Air Queen

Christine’s first card is the Air Queen, an impressive symbol of writing skills and the ability to power through unnecessary facts to find the truth. This can suggest Christine, who gave up a politics degree to follow her TV path, could venture back into that world, writing speeches in secret for top government names. Plus her voice can be the key audience-pulling factor in an exciting new learning project.


Next card out is powerful Judgement, linked to Pluto - a card of walking away from regrets. A difficult work experience from the past can be put to rest forever with one conversation, and a new door instantly opens. This card highlights Christine’s ability to stick to her guns, but always put facts ahead of feelings.

Six of Earth

Lastly, I draw the Six of Earth, a warm card of mutual support. A group of six people find happiness for, and with, each other - no matter what.