Chris Pratt

Actor and comedian Chris Pratt will turn 42 on June 21

Chris is currently one of the biggest names in Hollywood, starring in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers and Jurassic World movie franchises. Chris has a baby daughter Lyla with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Arnold) and an 8-year-old son Jack from a previous marriage.


Fatherhood is one of the themes of Chris’s first card on my table - The Emperor. As well as his children, this card shows Chris playing a father figure in another context - guiding a newborn business, or story, idea to maturity. With a link between health and humour. A physically powerful man with an unmistakable voice can play a part, and Chris will need to keep a cool head, as patience will be tested!

Six of Fire

Card Two is the Six of Fire, signalling hot luck for Chris in a room lit with six lamps or candles. This is a card of reversal, and a legal or other official “no” can turn into “yes” overnight -  and vice versa.


Last card drawn for Chris is The Chariot. A strong symbol of movement, travel and change, this card shows inner and outer journeys of equal importance. This can lead Chris to write and/or perform poetry, and get involved in a unique project linked to the planet Mars.