Chris Pine

Hollywood actor Chris Pine will turn 41 on August 26

After playing everyone from Captain T Kirk in a Star Trek film to Spiderman, Chris Pine has a couple of thrillers coming up next on screen, and he also stars in the new cinema version of Dungeons and Dragons. Chris is in a relationship with Annabelle Wallis, star of TV’s Peaky Blinders.

Three of Earth

First out on my table for Chris is the Three of Earth - a card of co-operation and collaboration and often representing a very strong, and rewarding, team of three. This can find Chris teaming up with two other equally high-profile Hollywood “C” names, to make a movie that foretells the future — in the way it blends human emotions and artificial intelligence together. Plus it can be third time lucky when Chris seeks to ask a crucial life question, or make a key personal change.


Card Two is The Lovers, another strong signifier of loyalty, and togetherness. This sends out such a positive relationship signal. Chris could spend a lot of time in a very different, challenging environment - a compromise willingly made because it is what someone special needs to further their home, study or career dreams. And a trip to a city famous for lovers can be part of this.


Lastly, I draw the Chariot, symbol of tapping into inner spiritual and mental strength and learning to control it. A gift for reading minds, even if it starts as fun, can take Chris travelling, and connecting, all over the world.