Cat Deeley

TV presenter Cat Deeley will turn 44 on October 23

Cat’s found fame in the USA presenting So You Think You Can Dance, but she’s recently moved back to live in the UK with husband, comedian Patrick Kielty, and two young sons. Cat’s published a kids picture book, The Joy In You, and is planning a TV reunion with former SM:TV co-presenters Ant and Dec.

Air Queen

First tarot card for Cat is the Air Queen, a strong symbol of writing skills and the ability to cut right through surplus details to find the true story.  Extending her writing towards detective-style plots, can lead to Cat playing her own heroine on screen. Plus her voice can be part of a one-off experiment linked to an exciting new kind of learning.


Card Two is generous Judgement, linked to Jupiter - a card of fresh starts and walking away from past regrets. Living in two very different places is a key factor - along with surprise choices in an auction setting, perhaps linked to precious items. Above all, Cat knows her own mind, and can set her feelings aside to face facts.

Six of Earth

Lastly, I draw the Six of Earth, a wonderful card of giving and receiving help. Cat is already an ambassador for UNICEF, and is ready to take charity roles to the next level.