Caroline Flack

TV host and fitness expert Caroline Flack turns 39 on November 9

From presenting Love Island, the most talked about TV show, and the most challenging for a host, to sharing her inspiring fitness and strength regime, Caroline does it with a warmth that makes viewers feel they are watching a good friend.


This gift for connecting with people is reflected by the first card on my tarot table. And, yes, its name is Strength. It shows how a blend of emotional courage and physical fitness will take her career further and faster than she now thinks possible.

Wheel of Fortune

The second card delivers a love message. It tells of marriage by this time next year. It’s The Wheel Of Fortune and it asks her to make a choice between two very different partners. One of them is still in his 20s and would help her fulfil her work dreams. The other candidate is in his 40s, has a powerful position in the sports world and would bring love and a luxury lifestyle.

Three of Water

The last card looks further into the future, when she combines life at the centre of a large and loving family with a new passion and gift for acting. Because her card is The Three Of Water, love, in all its forms, is and always will be what matters most.