Carly Rae Jepsen

Singer Songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen will turn 38 on November 21

Born in British Columbia, Carly Rae won TV show Canadian Idol and then became a global sensation with super-catchy song Call Me Maybe. She’s released seven albums, including The Loneliest Time in 2022, following the pandemic, and The Loveliest Time in July this year. Working closely with producer Cole M.G.N on this music turned into a personal project when the couple fell in love.


This huge emotional change is reflected in Carly Rae ’s first card. Changing reveals her ability to transform herself - inside and out. An old family name, or precious heirloom, can be part of this process. This is a card of fresh starts, that sweeps away any sense of love or life regrets. Yes, there can be losses, and endings - but hope can rise again. And a song linked to “C” can be the biggest hit of her career.

Three of Water

Next out is the Three of Water, a card of happy endings, including weddings, a three-storey home beside a famous beach, and a trio of happy new arrivals, from kittens to kids.

Fire Queen

Lastly, I draw the Fire Queen for Carly Rae. This card highlights strong feminine bonds, warmth and wisdom. When she spots a face the double of her own in a historic painting of women, it can spark intriguing questions about the past — and the future. Fashion ideas, and addresses and journeys linked to South, can also be indicated as significant.