Carey Mulligan

Actor Carey Mulligan will turn 36 on May 28

Determined to act from an early age, Carey has starred in many films. Most recently, she’s won several awards and been Oscar-nominated for her role in revenge drama Promising Young Woman. Carey is married to singer songwriter Marcus Mumford and has two children.


First card for Carey is The Emperor, which sends a clear message that extra power is ahead - and with it comes extra responsibility. This can show a move towards directing or even producing movies, on subjects that Carey really cares about. And although this is a card of courage, it also carries challenges. In a work setting, letting head rule heart must be Carey’s rule, however tough this is.


Card two is the Star - adding shining positivity and sheer inspiration to life, and to love. This is a card of healing, and protection, linked to an older female celebrity, who has spent almost a lifetime in front of, and behind, a camera. A journey through a tunnel and a symbol or logo in silver, are also luck-finders.

Air Princess

Lastly, I draw the Air Princess, which suggests it’s never too late to fill a gap in learning or experience. An all-female team and a chance to develop skills of speaking up for others, are part of this process.