Calvin Harris

DJ producer singer Calvin Harris will turn 39 on January 17

Born Adam Richard Wiles in Dumfries, Scotland, Calvin is one of the most successful DJs and music producers in the world. He has released six studio albums and had many famous music collaborators - and girlfriends. Calvin is engaged to TV and radio presenter Vick Hope.


First card out for Calvin is the Emperor, a symbol of masculine energy and courage, suggesting a tender heart hidden away under a tough exterior. This card also heralds an unexpected series of key roles far bigger and more meaningful than Calvin expects, perhaps because he is asked to write music for a unique world event. And yes, this can include a top-secret celebration linked to a royal couple or someone at the very top of the political or business world.

Self Sacrifice

Calvin’s second card is Self Sacrifice, which represents acceptance, patience and wisdom - plus striving to support special people’s paths through life. Even when it means slowing travel or work pace right down.

Ace of Earth

Finally I draw the Ace of Earth, card of big decisions, new beginnings, and stepping through a beautiful floral archway into a new world of wonder. It’s a card of seizing opportunities today, not waiting until tomorrow.