Asa Butterfield

Actor Asa Butterfield will turn 27 on April 1

Born in Islington, London, Asa found fame as a child actor in films like The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas and has played the lead role in Netflix Sex Education for four seasons. He likes to keep his private life, private - but currently seems to be single, focused on his career.

Four of Air

Asa’s first card is the Four of Air. This represents peace, patience and coming to terms with the past and everything in it - to help ourselves move forward. So letting any regrets go and opening his heart can leave Asa ripe for romance when he visits a unique medical setting, either in real life, or as part of a film. His One has a glamorous outer shell, but inside, a gooey centre. This could be long-distance love, but still feel closer than close.


Card two is Judgement, which also advises against too much looking back - the only way to make sure life is the very best it can be, is to keep moving forward. Finding balance between overthinking, and acting too impulsively, is a challenge for Asa - but a mark of maturity. And could boost confidence at work and on a world stage.


Lastly, I draw the Lovers. This can indicate illicit and/or irresistible attractions, and land Asa a hot “B” playboy role.