Anya Taylor Joy

Actor Anya Taylor Joy will turn 26 on April 16
Born in Miami and brought up in Argentina and London, Anya left school at 16 to pursue acting and modelling. She’s starred in films Emma and Last Night In Soho, the TV hit The Queen’s Gambit, and will voice Princess Peach in the upcoming Super Mario film. The Tarot shows that in coming months and years, Anya will be busier than ever.

Wheel of Fortune

First card on my table is the Wheel of Fortune, card of golden success but also an awareness that life and love are always in motion, turning from positive to negative, high to low, simple to challenging.   Anya can travel to new parts of the world, and experience very different beliefs and paces of life.  This teaches her about herself - and how to keep control of her own personality wheel. A role that at first daunts her can be the highlight of her career.

Eight of Earth

Anya’s second card is the creative, talented Eight of Earth. This card reboots paused or unsuspected skills - linked to food, art or designing amazing interiors. And a love boost can link to a fellow guest on a morning foodie show.


Lastly I draw the Star, a shining symbol of hope. A star symbol on an established or brand new company can feature in Anya’s future. A horse with a white star shape on its forehead is Anya’s luck link.