Anna Friel

TV and Film Actress Anna Friel will turn 42 on July 12

Anna’s been a popular presence on TV since she first appeared, in Brookside - and she’s currently the star of the gritty detective series Marcella. Anna loves roles that feature complex women. She has one daughter, Gracie, 15.

Earth Queen

It’s appropriate that the first card on the table for Anna is the Earth Queen. This is a powerful symbol of feminine energy, and an ability to juggle home, family, work and creativity fluently - and answer to no one but herself. This card highlights ambition and passion that can spiral out of control, especially in a showbiz environment. Linking back to the history of Anna’s family, especially on her mum’s side, provides answers and support.


Anna’s second card is Temperance, signifying peace, balance and in relationships terms, a soulmate. Writing about her life, and seeing her experiences on screen can be part of Anna’s future and she has a strong inner ability to attract the right people and projects towards her. So a time of waiting is over.

Nine of Air

Lastly, I draw the Nine of Air. This is a card of patience and passing tests, both practical and emotional. A lot of time travelling to work with animals, or birds, is strongly indicated too.