Andrew Flintoff

Cricketer and TV star Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff will turn 44 on December 6

Born and brought up in Preston, celebrated ex-cricket all-rounder and frequent England team captain Freddie is now a popular TV presenter, on A League Of Their Own and Top Gear. He’s been married to Rachel since 2005 and has four children.


Freddie has talked openly about his challenges with an eating disorder, and his first card, The Empress, brings strength and support in this area. This is such a positive card of nurturing both physical and emotional needs, and moving forward to a place of commitment and acceptance, whatever has happened in the past. A piece of jewellery made of three kinds of gold can be a key factor in Freddie’s future.


Card Two, the Chariot, is fast moving and ruled by warrior planet Mars. Freddie has recently been training as a racing driver and should beware of letting speed and excitement cloud his judgement. Seek a balance between thrill-seeking and calm, family time.

Water Queen

Lastly, I draw the Water Queen, card of understanding and sympathy. This suggests there can be a role for Freddie at the head of a charity helping people overcome obstacles, through sport - and a female swimming or rowing star can be part of this.